Name- Vikas                                                            

Class- 10th

Achievement – Scored 86% 10th Board

Father’s Name- Chhote Lal

Father’s Occupation- Technician

Address: Kushumpur Pahari


Name- Karan                                                          

Class- 10th

Achievement – Scored 84% 10th Board

Father’s Name- Hazari Lal

Father’s Occupation- Labour

Address: Kushumpur Pahari


We often hear that someone from economically backward background did, well in something or other. At “Shanti Devi Charitable trust” it has been a trend, because we understand that right guidance along with the right kind of support can help these young talent succed.

Vikas and Karan have been with us since they were in 4th standard. While these were a bright student, we ensured that he got the right kind of support. From arranging the best of the teachers to planning extra class to the students.